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Green Christmas Colored Popcorn Popping Oil 32 Oz

Green Christmas Colored Popcorn Popping Oil 32 Oz

$ 18.99

Pop Your own Fresh Colored Popcorn!

Schools can POP their own Popcorn

Great for Parties, Baby Showers, Weddings, Gifts, etc.

Kids will Love it!





Instructions: SHAKE WELL and store at room temperature for best results. If product solidifies because of cool temperature storage, microwave bottle for 1 minute to liquefy product and be sure to SHAKE WELL. For optimal color coverage, product MUST BE SHAKEN WELL. Use our colored popcorn oil in the same manner that you would use popcorn oil to pop fresh popcorn.Product can be used on the stove or in a popcorn kettle. Use the amount of oil according to kettle size:8 oz Kettle= 3 ounces of Colored Oil 16 oz Kettle= 6 Ounces of Colored Oil 32 oz Kettle= 12 ounces of Colored Oil


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